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Holes in the Plan by Katie Petty

In honor of National Doughnut Day, the kids and I are thrilled to introduce you to Kate Petty’s inaugural novel “Holes in the Plan.

Kate’s witty dialogue and unique perspective give life to the story of a brother and sister frustrated with their suburban/corporate options.  Seeking passion and self-expression they set up a donut shop in their small Texas, town.  I picked it up this morning and I was hooked by the third page!  I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Kate through our Art House Dallas writers group and it’s wonderful to celebrate this accomplishment with her today.

Seeking a little creative adventure the kids and I hit the road for Kate’s book signing at Hypnotic Donuts  on the edge of White Rock Lake in Dallas.

Here’s a couple of our favorite samples from today:

  • Blueberry Doughnut-Made with real blueberries in the cake and icing.  You know it’s good when both kids fight over it.
  • Espresso Yo’Self- Chocolate cake doughnut with in house made real coffee icing, in house made salted caramel and a sprinkle of fresh ground coffee. A Hypnotic original.

  • Strawberry Lemonade-A long john coated in powdered sugar and filled with lemon cream.
  • Breaking Bad-Chocolate cake doughnut with in house made real coffee icing, in house made salted caramel and a sprinkle of fresh ground coffee. A Hypnotic original.

When I noticed a chicken biscuit on the menu I was intrigued and a little distracted by friends and books.  I ordered the Amy, expecting it to be the size of a chicken biscuit you’d find at your favorite drive through place.  Instead they brought out this GIANT chicken biscuit topped with bacon, pickles, southwest spicy mustard, cheddar and honey.  I’ll admit my kids sampled the donuts and they were delicious but I’m thankful we didn’t finish them.  This mammoth piece of goodness didn’t make it out the door.

Happy Donut Day!


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