Come on in and stay a while…

Ndjerareou Family

I became a writer over ten years ago when personal tragedy gave me a story to share to bring perspective and hope to others.  I remember the first time I got a note from a reader in Australia, they’d been impacted by my work in a season of suffering. It’s powerful to think of the miles my private thoughts had traveled to encourage someone walking a painful path.

In the last few years I’ve felt the pull to write resurface. This time motherhood is my inspiration.  From this vantage point I see the need to create stories that are meaningful to our multi-ethnic family, to create heroes that represent my children, to champion stories of other minorities or capture our families journey through time and trials.  Join me as we explore the globe, one story at a time.


Sarah Kay Ndjerareou is the author of Pieces of Glass. The child of missionary parents, writing became a natural way to process my adventures through Siberia, Ukraine, Kenya, Monaco, Swaziland, Thailand and beyond. Ndjerareou means ‘he who builds the road’ in Ngambai, my husband’s Reounodji Nathanael (Nate’s) tribal language spoken in Chad, Africa.  Our favorite travel companions are our daughter, Sophia, and son Isaac. Today our home is in Texas.


Photography by Amber Dean