Sarah Kay Ndjerareou is the author of Pieces of Glass. The child of missionary parents, writing became a natural way to process my adventures through Siberia, Ukraine, Kenya, Monaco, Swaziland, Thailand and beyond. Ndjerareou means ‘he who builds the road’ in Ngambai, my husband’s Reounodji Nathanael (Nate’s) tribal language spoken in Chad, Africa. Our favorite travel companions are our daughter, Sophia, and son Isaac. Today our home is in Texas.
Creating Customs

Creation Sings

Happy Earth Day! Our local community of artists and believers are gathering to worship. Creation Sings Join us in Fair Park from 2-3 pm Saturday April 25th. Art House Dallas & several local worship leaders will be leading us in a time of ...
Friends Passing Through

Chico and the Postman

Katie-Meleel Nodjimbadem is a Chadian-American journalist with a focus on immigration.  A native of El-Paso, Texas and soon to be graduate of Northwestern’s School of Journalism, she also happens to be Auntie Katie to my children.  It’s been a pleasure ...

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

-   -Martin Luther King Jr.   -

Soulful Sojourning

Real Life, Real Love

I t all starts with MOOOOOOMMMMMMM! Isaac ate dog food! MOM! Isaac’s sucking on a sponge and spraying water all over the bathroom. Mom! Isaac’s climbing into the dryer! The chaos seems all consuming lately. The prettier I try to ...